We Are Looking to Put a Face with a Name…Will You Help?

We want to honor our fallen soldiers from the Vietnam War. Please help us locate missing pictures of our Hero’s for the Vietnam Memorial Educational Center in Washington DC.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund will be building an educational center to honor our fallen hero’s through a video presentation displaying their picture. The purpose of this website is to locate pictures of the 137 of our New Jersey hero’s for this presentation. Our goal is to have pictures from all of the 137 New Jersey natives who served and sacrificed their lives’ for our country!

Please review the list of names and if you or someone else has a picture or knows how to obtain a picture of the individual, please email the information to memorialwallpictures@gmail.com or mail to Memorial Wall Pictures, 1 Anchorage Drive, Toms River NJ 08753. (The production deadline is May 31, 2017)

Nationally, there over 7000 names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall that we still needs pictures for. You can search for someone you know by following this link http://www.vvmf.org/Wall-of-Faces/search/results. Also, please feel free to pass this site onto anyone and everyone across the nation to help us locate these valuable and memorable pictures.
Join me in honoring our fallen heroes and their families that have left behind. I know the families of these heroes will be very grateful for all of your help in memorializing their legacy.
Thank you in advance for your assistance in this extremely worthy cause!